A Little Home For God

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Poems about God

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A Little Home for God

A little home for God exists inside of you and me.

Itís deep inside our brains, in a place we cannot see.

Somewhere along tracts and in clumps of cells

The Lord, our God, resides comfortably and well.

He shares His home with other gods of other times and creeds

who, just like Him, all claim to fill important needs.

They are there when we call as if by special magic,

but when we let them help us, it often turns out tragic.

Sometimes they take control of us just for their own ends

like a lethal virus when its life upon us depends.

Did nature put these cells inside of us for reason,

to help us through hard times and the deadly season?

For some of us it must have helped in the past as in the present,

thatís why now we need the comfort of the cross, the star, the crescent.

This godly home, some do think, is in our temporal lobe

or maybe our limbic system is the address of its abode.

It really makes no difference to some of us you see,

because, in our brains and intellect, there is no vacancy.


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