Sounds of God

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Poems about God

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I love the sound, of the morning dove,
when he calls his mate in love;
I love the sound, of the distant loon,
as he sings his mournful tune;
I love the sound, of the gentle breeze,
as it moves and rustles the leaves;
I love the sound, of the falling rain,
as it strikes against the window pane;
I love the sound, of the babbling brook’
as I sit and dangle my kook;
I love the sound, of the lullaby,
as the mother soothes her child’s cry.
I love the sound, all creation gives,
and shouts the news, our creator lives;
I love the sound, of God’s Holy word,
and the great message it gives to be heard,
salvation and great hope for the lost,
comes from God at great cost.
If this great truth they believe,
eternal life they shall receive.
There is a sound, I am waiting for,
the sound of a great shout,
and a trumpets blare,
when the Saints will meet,
Christ in the air;
We will be ushered to Heaven above,
because of His amazind grace and eternal love.

—- Winston Staples —-


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