The Compass

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Poems about God

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To the North, bitter and cold,
many lives have already sold,
a lost, dead heart,
before their lives had yet to start.
The needle spins everywhere.

To the East, lively and free,
waves roll off into the sea,
drunken people party,
for soon, thy shall be sorry.
However, the needle spins everywhere.

To the South, smoke and bars,
define this country vast and far,
honky-tonks, and twangy notes,
to this place, people loath.
The needle still spins everywhere.

To the West, barren and vast,
the sun shines on those outcast,
cactuses and cars,
clubs, casinos, and golf pars.
But the needle spins everywhere.

Yes, this needle avoid it not,
for it is here,
for those whom sought,
the overwhelming joy and grace,
that drowns this earthly place.
The needle spins,
for all who sin.
Gods' Compass is everywhere.


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