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Poems about God

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God is near as I walk in the forest green,

And when I sit by waters clear,

I sense His presence,

When I view the white tailed deer.

I enjoy His presence in the morning still,

While walking through a beautiful garden,

Seeing the lily and the golden daffodil.

I know He is with me,

Whether I am walking in a deep valley,

Or climbing very steep hills.

I feel His warmth in the sunshine,

And His freshness in the rain,

And His gracious hand of mercy,

While I am living with my pain.

I feel God's presence,

When I read His Holy word,

There He reveals His story,

The greatest love story ever heard.

When I awake in the morning,

I have nothing to fear,

I praise God and give thanks,

That my Lord is near.

Yes, dear one, if you need a savior,

Or are seeking a very close friend,

Call upon Christ, the Savior,

And His presence will never, never end.

My God is the beginning and the end,

And He has been there from the start.

You may ask, how do I know He is near?

Because He lives in my heart!


------- Winston Staples  -------



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