Hey God

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Poems about God

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Hey God

I didnít expect my life to change as much as it had tonight

You stepped into my life and made everything turn out right

The missing puzzle pieces that didnít seem to make any sense

You put it all together, you helped me understand

I couldnít believe things had changed as much as it had

Before this my life was meaningless, and I was mostly very sad

I thought I had everything, I was so full of pride

Yet I still felt so empty deep inside

I turned to people and things to give me the fulfillment I wanted

And when they did not live up to my expectations, I felt disappointed

I worked hard to achieve success in life, I wanted to impress

I had no idea my life was such a mess

I was selfish and stubborn, I wanted my own way

I didnít want to listen to what you have to say

There were many times when I strayed from the right path

You were always there to bring me back, you loved me so much

Iím sorry for all the times I have grieved you so deeply

I admit I was wrong, all I cared about was me

In the darkness, blinded by my own sins, I was completely lost

In your mercy, you found me and led me to the cross

When my world crumbled around me, I was torn and ripped apart

Humbly I came to you in tears and poured out my heart

When life caved in on me, and I did not know where to run

In this tumultuous world, I found a safe haven in your loving arms

When I was broken and hurting, in so much pain

You were always there for me, to lift me up again

You filled me with your peace and delivered me from strife

Your love made all the difference in my life

In this long time of anxious searching, Iíve finally found my place

Nothing can compare to the presence of your sweet embrace

My life has never been the same

In praise and thanksgiving I will lift up your name

You touched me, you restored me and you healed my heart

You made me whole and gave me a new start

You helped me let go of my past and you made me new

You showed me the meaning of whatís real and whatís true

You took my brokenness and made me whole

Teach me to surrender my life to you, help me let go

Your forgiveness and grace which I do not deserve

Poured out onto me with unending love

Thereís nothing I can do to make you love me more or less

To know you and to be loved by you makes me feel truly blessed

You gave your life for me, so I want to give mine back to you

Teach me to love you as much as you love me too

Nothing can be compared to the blessing that Iíve found

To be forgiven and free, to be called your child

To know you and to live for you has become my sole aim

Let my life be a reflection of your love and glorify your name

Help me to grow in faith just more and more

Lord, to you I surrender my life my all


avatar LoveCuresHate
This Is truely beautiful.
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avatar zannniee
I'd like to share this at my Toastmaster's club. It touched me, and as the designated Inspirator for the day... I think it will touch others. Not sure I can get through it without crying, though :/
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