Beginning Anew

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Poems about life

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There's a fear in me I can't explain

Boiling inside me, feeding off my pain

I thought I could do this, but now I'm not so sure

For my heart is still broken, my ailments uncured.


Where do you escape to when what you're running from is you

How can i convince myself, this is something I must do

That I must now leave behind what I've always known

To create a new world, a new life of my own


I wish you could comfort me, and tell me I'll be fine

But I know you can't, for this burden is solely mine

I tried to trick myself into thinking you would understand

That you could walk beside me, that you would lend a hand


Why are we trapped in this never ending tug-of-war

What is it that we can't agree on, what are we fighting for

Are we not both trying to figure out what is best for me

If so, how can you not realize what you want can never be


I cannot return to the life that I once knew

I cannot come home, just because it pleases you

I have no hope nothing's left for me there

Even so, by leaving you, it doesn't mean I don't care


I'm not leaving you behind, I'm not doing this out of spite

I'm simply trying to do what is best, what is right

Please consider the facts, please don't despair

For I'm already nervous, I'm already scared


I am starting out fresh, I'm beginning anew

I am giving myself a chance, I'm not taking one from you

You can no longer control my life, I'm taking that power away

I'm going to take charge of myself, I'm learning to keep my demons at bay


As I prepare for this new journey into the unknown

I know you will always be there, wanting me to come home

But I pray that you will not try to fight it or interfere

For now the time has come, now I must face my fear


I know I have to go and leave my comfort zone behind

Just know that I still live you and you'll be on my mind

Sometimes life can seem too hard and so unfair

But I hold onto the hope that I haven't been given more than I can bear


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