An Autumn Voice

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Nature Poems

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 An Autumn Voice

As green leaves turn into gold Autumns breeze cuts
as cold as ice .
Life sleeps among the shadows in half light,
a razors sun slice .
In the morning mist the dew has kissed
gossamers silky hair.
Dreams of spiders are blowing in the wind .
Trees stand bleak and bare .
Autumn leaves lie like a carpet
on the ground for miles around .
The voice of Autumn is a silent rustle
all over town .
Leaves on a soft path lie
in the moonlight as the stars come out .
The voice of the fall calls
and yet there’s no one can hear the shout .
Come out and walk in the leaves,
it is a colourful season .
The sun rises slow over the glow
and it is still freezing.
The chill of Autumn revives the pale cheeks
of the child at play.
Oh but I can hear them say,
Isn't it a beautiful day


avatar Bubbie
this poem rocks ...LOVE IT
helped with english homework !!!!!!!!!!!
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