A Lovely Day

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Nature Poems

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A  Lovely Day

It’s a lovely day the sun shining bright,
 The temperature not too hot just right,
 The birds merrily sing in many a tree,
 Summer has come early that I can see.
 The breeze blows gently by the lake,
 It wafts the grass so sweet noises make,
 The bees seemed to have awakened today
 Gathering pollen as they go along life’s way.
 The air is clear, no overpowering humidity,
 No song warning we can all breath quite free,
 You can see for miles and the sky is so blue,
 After the rain everywhere looks like it’s new.
 I love days that are just right, nice and warm,
 Days when you can breath the air without harm,
 Clear days, long days, days that you want to stay,
 Days that are picture perfect in every possible way.


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