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Nature Poems

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couple of poems about the magnificent seas and oceans

Sea Hands
Charlotte Partin 

The clutching hands of Ocean
grab frantically at Beach.
They snatch at windswept sea-oats
just beyond their reach.

Spume claws hang on wildly
to the safety ledge of Shore
but those water-knucles loosen
and the Tides unroll once more

Those seahands scrawl a message
scratched in briney trails,
but the only thing I ever see
is Seashell fingernails!


A Tiny Speck of Sea Spray
Charlotte Partin 

A tiny speck of sea spray
skis down whitecap slopes.
It slips and slides
with joyous glides,
it rides the spume
between the tides.

Up it goes , and over
as high as it can reach,
then slalaams downhill
all the way,
then shushes on the beach.

Listen With Me
Wayne Snow

Listen with me to the wondering stream,
That bubbles and flows to the sea.
Hear the faint song of wind through leaves,
As it drifts from tree to tree.

See the light of the moon on the meadow,
Through clouds hanging low in the sky,
Casting shadows on field and pasture,
Lighting creatures there where they lie.

These wondrous things I must show you,
Let your eyes feast on all that you see.
Let the colors and sounds surround you,
And when you see them again think of me.


A Gale-Tossed Shipwreck
Jim Dunlap

The fine, straight mast leans down and down
To nearly brush the swelling waves;
Its loose sails trailing in its wake,
While the storm about it raves...
Riding on the foaming crest
Of a rolling water wall,
The stout, small ship rose up
To start its fateful fall.

Its young Captain groaned and sighed
As the driving wind swept in his face,
And shivering, recoiled in shock
When lightning lit a fiery trace.
The driving force of the roaring squall
Threw the young man to his knees.
His retinas ached, and his ringing ears
Heard lungs begin to gasp and wheeze.
“Perhaps it’s best if the ship goes down,”
He thought with abject despair.
He groaned again as the mast pulled loose
And uttered a last, beseeching prayer.
Then through the dark, his mother called,
As the toy ship shuddered and fell apart —
The thunder rolled as he turned for home:
Tomorrow he’d make another start.

© Jim Dunlap

This poem came from Jim Dunlap’s book, Entwined  in Wonder, published in 1996 and available from Amazon


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