Wind Poems

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Nature Poems

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Few Poems about the Wind

The Wind Blew
Jennifer Carroll 

His coat shines like gold, as bright as the sun
His mane billows out, like wind he can run
No man can catch him though many have tried
Chasing after, wanting a wild ride

The mares follow too, whinnying their fear
They fear for their colts while the men are near
Then the men leave, and they cuddle with them
The stallion watches as the world gets dim

As the stars come out he whinnies good night
He will stay awake, till mornings first light
Then off they'll be on their journey anew
They ran across the field as the wind blew

The Cloud
Charlotte Partin

A fluffy piece of heaven
plays "hide-and-seek" on high.
Perched upon a steeple,
it peeks through azure sky.

It soars above the ocean
and lazes o'er the plains,
then swoops down like a whirlwind
and reaches for the rain.

It captures in its pillowcase
the rain and sunbeams, too;
With a playful roar of thunder
it dumps on me and you!

Sweet Octave
Robbie Le'Nepveu 
A single breeze bypasses through leaves,
As I tally the stars that do settle above;
Leaning back in my marvel, an echo grieves,
Tis a bird of prey dubbed in sweet octave;
No matter of gender, as was hidden by sheaves,
For which type of sweetness would imitate dove;
Soundless throughout day, strident at days eve,
This lonely bird of prey, cries out the sweetest love;
Deserted as I, the cry conducts dear weaves,
And calls on a lover, bearing branch of olive;
As do I, the prey waits its echo to be received,
My only night company hushes as night is pensive;
Awake tomorrow maestro, and orchestrate your song,
For they are awake in the day, and bray no more nightlong

Leaf in the Wind
Dixie Curd 
I used to be
A leaf in the wind,
Blowing and moving around.
But now I am
A growing tree,
With lots of leaves,
Swaying with the wind.


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