Poem about Dusk

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Nature Poems

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The sun starts its downward glide,
Huge, glowing, reddoned with pride,
The days work loved, done,
Breathing life into mans kingdom.

Slowly descending this giant orb,
Emitting light that plants absorb,
Lower and lower then disappears,
Only the glowing horizon appears.

A cool breeze begins to stir,
Flies, midges, clear the air,
The occasional sound of falling things,
A spectre of silence, all it brings.

Listening for the occasional noise,
As night things begin to express their voice,
Roaming free, helped by the night,
Creatures wait to show their might.

The moons face observing all,
High, aloof, just a glowering ball,
Its craggy face not changing its stare,
Penetrating the cool night air.

Occasionally obscured by darkening clouds,
Rolling shadows by pillowing shrouds,
Starlight twinkling from afar,
Like aliens observing who we are.

Its night now, day is done
We wait the morrows rising sun,
The celestial orb that gives us life
How much longer can its energies drive.




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