Dreaming of Nature

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Nature Poems

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As helping THC sets him asleep
Voices begin speaking to me
Its the only time he can dream
His mind is free
He thinks of what he could be
And it appears to him
Dreaming away his mind is at ease
His efforts fearless
As he realizes he is me
With the sun rising behind a mountain, full of range
A picture for picture is set for the best
He gets up, awakened, formed into an ice cube
Slowly rising to his feet, he grabs his fishing rod
With only one person ahead of him, leading the way
They find a perfect fishing hole, to start the day
So he ties his fly, on to his line,
Looks to the river and casts high
Gazing into the endless meadows of life,
The smell of nature catches his breath
Another cast is made into the crystal stream,
Peace is the only word to express what he sees
Oh how I love the woods
And how they set me free


avatar Jaclyn
So true. Honetsy and everything recognized.
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