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Poems that will make you Cry

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Teardrops have been placed in my eyes,
even when people think nothing is wrong,
though i always try to be strong
its just so hard to be yourself
when everyone else is around and looking,
i really just try not to make a sound,
can i just have someone to be here with me when im down,
or when im even feeling lonley,
i feel that no one is here for me.
because of all the saddness and pain place in my heart,
would this be able to go on forever,
at a stage when i feel like im being
torn  down into pieces
and i really dont think that i can handle this,
is it that no one cares about me,
or am i just over reacting,
should i feel this way,
each and everyday,
and out of no where i begin to scream,
hoping that it was just a dream,
i couldnt believe what has happened to me,
where did i go wrong,
thinking that i would be strong,
can all of this just disappear ,
into the middle of no where,
when i have been treated,
in such many ways,
gone are those days,
it wasnt like it was anything new to me,
and again gone are those days,
when i couldnt sleep,
thinking of what would go wrong,
would i be able to wake up with a smile on my face,
or would i ever be able to smile again,
always hearing someone calling my name,
its like a ghost is always there,
and as i turn my head and back again,
there goes the voices again,
should i worry about what has happened,
or let go and move on to a new start,
when it all starts again and again,
just here wishing that the world would change.......


avatar Nomfudumalo Mdunge
Mhmmmmmmm I feel this poem*Crying*exactly how I feel every day.
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