Far Away

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Poems that will make you Cry

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Flying, flying away. Far away.
Sadness engulfs.
Love dies, people die, the world fades away.
Living, loving, living, loving, dying.
Greed fuels us all.
Balancing on a straight path, sometimes straying off,
sometimes getting lost deep into the woods.
Her ears vibrate with the incessant hum of voices, many voices.
The tide comes in, she feels better, the humming fades.
The tide ebbs and flows alongs and they come back.
The sky departs and rips into two, s
pilling the heavens out unto the cold, dead world,
wreaking havoc upon all who dwell in that wretched place.
But alas, it is only
Hard, heavy, unforgiving.
"Pitter patter" "Pitter patter"
On a tin roof in the middle of the woods.
Where no one can find her.


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