The Yellow Wood

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Poems that will make you Cry

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Can it be a year that`s passed since I walked these woods of yellow
Autumn time is here at last and every tree and bird has mellowed

I sit awhile and muse the scene;bear boughs hidden, can now be seen
No chirpiness from birds above, serene this yellow silence that I love

It`s very apt, this sense, this feeling of tranquility and gracefullness
Its bear bones of truthfullness endearing, the stark reality not what we guessed

Stripped away all fauna-all pretence, the silence representing things to come
And the paling yellow like the wintry sun, my fading life has now become

Unlike the spring with life anew, I prefer the earthy odour and autumn dew
The decaying life of the dying year, for I know so well my sleep in near

Walking hand in hand with nature, for I am like the yellow wood
As I blossomed in my springtime, now my autumns here for good!


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nice one
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