Ripped From my Chest

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Poems that will make you Cry

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Reading all the poems you once wrote for me,
every line now having a different meaning then what it was before.
Wanting to put down all the papers as my mind starts to spin,
knowing the pain will continue to grow as I cannot take it anymore.

Every tear not pouring from my eyes as I cannot stop,
while the pieces of my heart are now again ripped from my chest.
Watching you walk away was the hardest thing for me to do,
while I now have to move on with my life from where it was so stressed.

Letters, poems, pictures are now laying around the bed,
with every word brings back the time I was still so in love with you.
Wanting all the things you once said to me about how you felt,
to once again be the way we still feel in the end how its true.

With every pain become the relization of you no longer by my side,
and the lonely night that I must once again be faced with in my dreams.
Reaching out for you where you once would sleep by me in the bed,
pressing my head against the pillow for nobody wants to hear my cries and screams.

Looking at the pictures of when our eyes once sparkled with joy,
but now I can no longer recognize the person starring back in the mirror.
Wanting the love we used to share when we were once so younger,
while remembering one day the things that happened will become clearer.

Letters, poems, and pictures no longer making any sense to how you used to be,
life spinning out of control with you no longer wanting to be by my side.
Trying to face the world in a whole new light when they know they truth,
but not being able to hide anything that has made the tears I have cried.

Hoping you will let me explain all the pain that you now feel,
but knowing I may never again get the chance to tell you how is now the truth.
Knowing I may be your first for many different things that happened,
but marriage was never mixed in with the fountain of youth.


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