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Poems that will make you Cry

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‘Guess things just weren’t meant to be,

certain things like you and me.

I really wish I knew why,

why not things like you and I?

But now you have left and gone away,

Now my skies have faded back to grey.

Oh, how I will think back to the day…

When we used to laugh,

and used to cry.

When we used to play,

and used to lie.

Of all the things I would never say.

‘Wish for you to comfort me,

‘wish for certain things to be.

Now, I guess I should move on,

but how when there is no one?

I know I can’t go on without you,

please, come back and turn my skies to blue.

These words I speak are way overdue…

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I wish you knew

That I love you.


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