Violet roses

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Rose Poems

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Violet roses

Violet paper roses on a silk red shelf.
Dust motes hanging in the startled air.
Little room of heirlooms and spider webs,
caught motionless in this spring time air.

Watch me as I dare to walk,
through your love filled timeless room.
Your treasures ... your memories, of those long gone.
Frozen moments of time and space,
so fragile under my intruding gaze.

Who are these men in sepia hued photos,
who look out at me from their leather-bound frames?
Why do they smile and laugh, and invite me so,
to pleasure and friendship from times unknown?

Who is that lady so regal in her ballroom dress?
Was it you or a cherished loved one?
Did you gaze as I?
Did you smile like me?

The auctioneers hammer it falls at noon!
Your treasures to be sold,
but hopefully loved.

The ballroom lady ... she will be mine.
For when I see her I shall always ... think of you,
and violet paper roses,
in this spring time air.


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