My Rose

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Rose Poems

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As I look at this rose,
I think of you.
Wishing you were close,
As we start anew.

When i am with you,
It's as if angels were flying me through the sky.
Taking me home to do,
Everything but cry,
Because I will always be with you,
And to sigh that joyful sigh.

Thinking of you
Brings tears to my eyes,
Because I got lost in your heart too,
And I know we'll never have to say our good-byes.

I am here for you,
As you are for me.
I love you too,
And that is what I want you to see.

I am here to listen,
I am here to hold.
You are the one I've chosen
To be with as we grow old.

So I ask you now,
Will you be my rose,
And make that vow,
To love and cherish the one you chose.


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