Be Kind

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Short Inspirational Poems

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Martin Luther King had a dream, but now he is dead
It makes you wonder "who would just shoot someone in the head?"
Just because they were trying to free their people and speak their mind
and when you hear my words try to be a little more kind
because when you look back at 9-11, assassanation, and genocide
you may even cry for all the people who died
and remember America is the most dangerous nation on the planet
mostly because of all the freedom that is granted
with great power comes great responsibility
and through all the evolution and human complexity
Mankind as we knew it developed a killer instinct
and emotions like greed and hate so the bigger man could extinct
his idea of what was imperfect or not alright
which eventually led to the Third Reich
and then it became inevitable that man would become two different species:
the oppressed and the dominant people who live in hatred and greed
and what I'm telling you is not recent or in the future
it's what has happened for centuries because some men are looters
that steal from people in every way possible
and the oppressed will rise up it is more than plausible
so when you meet a person of a different race or culture
smile and greet them before you kill each other
be kind with your heart and mind
look deep down and find the open minded person that hides inside


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