Shoot for the Moon

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Short Inspirational Poems

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Shooting For The Moon

By Holly Nicole

You can shoot for the moon,

Youíll get through this soon.

Youíll dance with the stars

Like their your friends,

But then youíll realize

That their eyes speak lies,

That youíre on Mars,

Far from the stars:

You only friends.

Your body bends

To make amends

With the stars,

Yet you fall.

They realize that youíve got nothing.

They reject you;

Itís crushing.

So when you shoot for the moon,

Stay on track,

Donít hesitate, donít look back,

Donít dance with the stars:

Youíll end up on Mars,

When you only wanted the moon.

Trust me, love, youíll get through this soon.


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