As I grew up, I've learnt that

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Short Inspirational Stories

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As I grew up, I've learnt that even the person who wasn't suppose to let you down, probably will.
 You'll have your heart
& you'll break others too..

 You'll fight with your best friend and you'll cry 'cause time is flying.
 So...take a lot of pics, laugh too much, forgive and love like you have
never been hurt.
 Life comes with no guarantees, no timeouts and no second chances...
So live it to the f.u.l.l.e.s.t.
someone what he means to you, Dance in the rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, take chances, fall in love, live every moment...
every moment you spend, is a second chance for happiness :)



Inspirational words about the different phases of life, the people we meet and the promises that are made and broken


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