Apology Poem

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"Apology Poem"

You ask me why I'm staring
I didn't think you knew.
I'm sorry if I offended you
I really didn't mean too.

I apologize sincerely
I mean no disrespect.
But your so very pretty
I was staring with respect.

I noticed when you entered
I seen you right away.
My eyes were drawn immediacy
To the perfection of your sway.

You carry yourself with dignity
Your smile is right on cue.
You must be quite satisfied
To look the way you do.

I wonder what it would feel like
To walk inside your shoes.
I think it would be like heaven
If I could look like you.

Pardon me, what was it
That I heard you say?
You tell me that I'm a reject,
And that I should go away.

Isn't that a awful shame
For someone who looks like you.
To be so ugly inside
To treat others the way you do.

You were blessed with beauty
But It all went to your head.
And Your no longer pretty
I take back the things I said.


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