Basketball Poem

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Sports Poems

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Basketball gives me acceptance.

There are no books, no papers, no grades.

The gym, the court is my classroom.

My teachers name is coach.

Itís a pass/fail; win/lose class.

I dribble; I shoot; I rebound,

All the way to the win.

My passes assist my teammates.

My free throws build the score.

And I make the plays to gain the victory.

As I eat I think of basketball

Sleeping, I see the ball in my dream,

It is going through the hoop.

During school my mind wonders to basketball.

My funk makes everyone melt.

Basketball gives me acceptance.

The majestic movement of my body,

Is like an eagle hunting down its prey.

Sometimes the prey fights back,

But my desire to win pushes me to fight harder.


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