My Old Bike Poem

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Disappointed at my car one wintery day,
It wouldnít budge out of the driveway,
The pile of snow was beyond shoveling,
I couldnít wait until the season of spring,
Looking in the garage for a pair of skiis,
In the corner was an old Breeze,
Covered in rust from front to back,
I dusted off the rear parcel rack,
With a few squirts of oil here and there,
I pumped the tires with few pounds of air,
A few squeeks the old bike came to life,
Saving this guy a few minutes of strife,
Saying goodbye to the snowed in car,
I didnít have to cycle to work very far,
Itís been months, and spring is here,
I gave a resounding whoop of cheer,
Cycling longer & faster every day,
Going to places like work or play,
My health is better, I shed a few pounds,
It;s the best investment Iíve ever found,
I can go where I never been before,
I just canít wait to get out the door,
No gas, no insurance, no parking fees,
I now cycle amongst the park's trees,
Cycling on paved paths, and dirt trails,
No smog I make, on the air we inhale,
The car is gone, and driveway empty,
The food and sleep, I get plenty,
Thanks to my old friend that I ignored,
It keeps me now from getting bored,
I keep it shiny just like new,
I bring it in for a check up or two,
Two wheels turning through mud, rain, or snow,
Itís my best friend wherever I go,
The old bike saved me that wintery day,
An old bike, I was going to throw away.



avatar boby jekings
wow this inspired me(:
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