A Child in Pain

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Sympathy Poems

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A Child in Pain

I look into your sweet little face.
Your beautiful eyes, a smile to embrace.
My darling little one the tears won't go away.
I hold your photo close to me, the memories to stay.

Only God knows the answer to all this pain.
Why my tears keep flowing, thinking things over again and again.
Never to hold you or tuck you in your bed.
So much to tell you but nothing is said.

People come close but I push them away.
The hurting inside they can't feel it, can they?
A child is a gift from God so we are told.
What did I do wrong? Why am I feeling so cold?

To make sense one day why God took away my child.
To accept and move on but keep the memories inside.
The love and happiness, the short time we shared.
Those precious moments are locked inside my head.

One day my sweet child we will meet again.
No more tears, just smiles and laughter, no more pain.
I hope God will tell me why He needed you so young.
And I will find peace, heavenly bells will be rung.


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