In grief comes depression

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Sympathy Poems

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In grief comes depression, sorrow and pain.
A loneliness deep inside, it will not be the same.
A loved one gone, now an empty chair.
I do not understand, this emotion I cannot share.

I hold in my hand a photo, and tears fill my eyes.
I cannot control how I feel, inside me just cries.
The hurting carries on, never seems to go away.
I welcome tomorrow, so I can forget today.

The good and the bad times, I can remember them well.
Sad moments now forgotten, the happy days were just swell.
Memories will always stay close in my heart.
Love is for ever, although we are now apart.

They tell me time will pass, taking the sadness from within.
And a new door will open, a healing process will begin.
I am not ashamed to turn to God and say a little prayer.
I just hope He was listening, to know He did care.

I will put aside my grieving and try to be strong.
Wipe away the tears, tell myself I must go on.
One day we will meet again, when my journey ends.
And we will remember, we were more than just good friends.


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