Winter Wonderland Of Snow

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Winter Poems

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"Winter Wonderland Of Snow"

Some people say I'm crazy
Because I love the winter so
I say, What could be more beautiful?
Than this winter wonderland of snow.

Something bout a winter storm
That brings a calmness to our town
Brings a quiet to the covered streets
When the snow falls all around.

It makes the children want to play
Brings laughter to their smiles
They yearn to build their snowmen
Makes the coldness all worthwhile.

The snow it just keeps falling
Just about up to our knees
I see that even grownups
Are playing in the streets.

Yes what could be more beautiful?
Than this wonderland of snow
The trees a crystal blanket
With the wind that softly blows.

There's something bout a winter storm
That fills my heart with glee
And even from my window
The beauty I can see.

I see the children running
A snowball here and there
And even Old Man Grumpy
Is romping in the square.

I can see the sun is setting
Yet the Dark an evening glow
For all around our town tonight
Is a winter wonderland of snow.


avatar Miranda
cool poem.xDD
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