Hang in there...my friend!

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Bereavement Poems

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Hang in there...my friend!
an original from Don Allan Dinio

Sometime in our lives we need
to cease, stop and pause...
to see how lucky we are to have
our loved ones.  Appreciate them;
hug them; spend some quality
time with them - for there might
not be another day to express your
love for them.

Sometimes in our lives we need to
learn to give up our selfishness
towards our loved ones for their
own well-being, for their own
benefit, for their own sake...
the quality of life they don't

Sometimes in our lives we should as
hard as it is, prepare ourselves and
learn to detach our inner most feelings
from our loved ones.  When that time
is near to say your final goodbye,
the most difficult time for anyone,
it will somehow lessen the pain when
your loved one is gone.

Sometimes in our lives we will come to
a crossroad and have to leave our heart
behind and walk with our head in another
path - another journey in life - telling
yourself..."I've done my best, I've given
all my love to the person I love!"

Yet..there is just one thing to say -
"Hang in there my friend, my love. 
I don't want to say my final goodbye
yet but..."Just hang in there!

Sometimes in our lives we will get that
final call from God...no one knows when.
"Just hang in there my friend, my love!"

When that time comes then you can 
say goodbye to all your sufferings and pain,
say goodbye to all your loved ones and friends
who prayed for you to be with Him who makes
the final call to come to our Eternal Home!

"Hang in there, my friend...my love..
because I hate to say my final "Goodbye!"



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